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Cornell University Library Z6945 .W81 1911

Annotated catalogue of newspaper files


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Cornell University Library

The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library.

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Annotated Catalogue of

Newspaper Files in the Library of

The State Historical Society of Wisconsin

Second edition, compiled by

Ada Tyng Griswold, M. L.

•ef the Library Staff


Published by the Society

191 1





OFFICERS OF THE SOCIETY, 1911-12 . . . . . vii

Preface ........ ix

Explanatory ......... xii


I. The United States—

Alabama ....... 1













District of Columbia







Idaho .




Indian Territory












Maine .




















New Hampshire


New Jersey .




Tbe United States continued


New Mexico .... ! ''

New York



North Carolina


North Dakota










Rhode Island


South Carolina


South Dakota




Texas .









"Washington .


West Virginia






11. Outlying Possessions

Hawaii ....... 464

Philippine Islands ...... 464

Porto Rico ....... 464

III. Foreign Newspapers

Argentine Republic ..... 465-









China .











. 477


. 477

Italy .

. 477

Japan .



. 478


. 47»

New Zealand

. 478




Peru .

. 47»



roumania .....

South Africa .....

Spain ......

Sweden .....

Switzerland .....

United Kingdom (Great Britain and Ireland) Venezuela .....

West Indies .....



480 480 481 481 481 497 497

Newspaper Scrap-Books-

1752-to date .





Officers of the Society, 1 9 1 1 - 1 2 .


Lucius Charles Colman, B. A

Hon. Emil Baensch . "Hon. Burr W. Jones, M. A. Hon. John Luchsingkr Hon. Benjamin P. McMillan Hon. William J. Starr, LL. Hon. John B. Winslow, LL. D

A. .

La Crosse

Vice Presidents





B. .

Eau Claire

D. . . .


Superintendent Reuben Gold Thwaites, LL. D. .


Hon. Lucien S. Hanks



Curators, Ex-Officio

Hon. Francis E. McGovern Hon. James A. Prear Hon. Andrew H. Dahl

Governor Secretary of State State Treasurer

Curators, Elective

Term expires at annual meeting in 1912

Thomas E. Brittingham, Esq. Henry C. Campbell, Esq. William K. Coffin, M. S. Richard T. Ely, LL. D. Hon. Lucien S. Hanks Nils P. Haugen, LL. B.

Col. Hiram Hayes Rev. Patrick B. Knox Maj. Frank W. Oakley Arthur L. Sanborn, LL. B. E. Ray Stevens, LL. B. William W. Wight, M. A.


Officers of the Society

Term expires at annual meeting in 191 3

Jairus H. Carpenter, LL. D. Victor Coffin, Ph. D. Lucius C. Colman, B. A. Matthew 8. Dudgeon, M. A. Carl R. Fish, Ph. D. Hon. Benjamin F. McMillan

Daha C. Munro, M. A. William A. P. Morris, B. A. Robert G. Siebbcker, LL. B> William J. Stahb, LL. B. Edward B. Steensland, Esq. Charles R. Van Hise, LL. D.

Term expires at annual meeting in 19 14

Rasmus B. Anderson, LL. D. Hon. Emil Baensch Charles N. Brown, LL. B. Frederic K. Conoter, LL. B. Alfred A. Jackson, M. A. Burr W. Jones, M. A.

Hon. John Luchsinger Most Ret. S. G. Messmeb J. Howard Palmer, Esq. John B. Parkinson, M. A. Frederic L. Paison, Ph. D. William A. Scott, LL. D.

Executive Committee

The thirty-six curators, the superintendent, the governor, the secretary of state, and the state treasurer (forty in all) constitute the executive committee.



The first edition of the Annotated Catalogue of Newspaper Files in the Wisconsin State Historical Library was published in 1898, and compiled by the late Emma Helen Blair, then a member of the staff. In the intervening fourteen years, the Library's files have greatly increased in number of volumes and in geographical range; a second edition has therefore become necessary. In its preparation, the matter published in the first edition has been used as a basis; but in the effort to bring the new volume down to date, to include new files, and to introduce fresh data in the his- torical notes, thousands of changes have been made. The alpha- betization, typography, and make-up of the present volume are also quite different from the former; and in these respects at least, there has been marked improvement both in appearance and in facility of consultation.

Explanation seems necessary regarding the newly-adopted al- phabetical arrangement. The classification by states and cities is obvious; the order of titles under each city, however, may at first seem eccentric. But the word in the title which is most commonly used or is more descriptive, has been chosen as the one determin- ing the alphabetical position not as commonly done, the first word in the title. This selected word (which in the Library of Congress Check List of Newspapers, whose style we have fol- lowed in this particular, is called the "surname" of the paper) has been printed in small capitals, thus: "Laboe Advocate", Alaba- ma Watchman", "National Democrat."

The following descriptive title-words have, among many others, been selected as descriptive surnames: "Labor", "social", social- ist", "commercial", "industrial", "mercantile", "workmen's", "co- operative", "religious", "woman's", "dramatic", "Christian", "union", "united" also the names of trades, professions, denomi- nations, and nationalities. In our system of surname alphabeti-



zation, we have disregarded such adjectives as daily", weekly", "Sunday", "American", "national", "general", "Western", "New England", "Federal", "Eepublican", and "independent"— unless that adjective is essential to the characterization of the paper. So also have we disregarded the names of cities and states, and for the most part the names of the editors when preceding the title. In the last mentioned case, however, we have retained editors' names when popular usage has made them the most important part of the title as "LaFoixette's Magazine," "Niles' Register", and "Pomekot's Democrat." Where a paper has several titles, we have set in small capitals only the surname first appearing as "Arkansas State Gazette and Democrat." It is believed that this arrangement, although necessarily arbitrary, will be readily understood, and will facilitate the use of the Catalogue.

Even more vexing than alphabetization, in a publication of this character, is the problem of determining what publications should be included. In this particular, librarians have always found it impossible to draw hard-and-fast lines. Frequency of publication is no criterion the early news-letters were of infrequent issue, and some of the current monthlies are strictly news journals. Neither is the title always a guide in the last century, some so- called "magazines" (e. g., the Worcester (Mass.) Magazine) were undoubted newspapers. In solving this problem for ourselves, we have quite disregarded either title or frequency of issue. This Catalogue includes not only newspapers in the ordinary acceptation of the term, but all journals that are organs of societies, trades, or special interests such as missionary, religious, reform, literary, art, professional, commercial, family, illustrated, labor, etc.; for in these, news features are predominant. The shades of dis- tinction, however, are often so vague, that probably neither bib- liographers nor lexicographers will ever generally agree on any infallible definition of a newspaper.

The present compilation is chiefly the work of Ada Tyng Gris- w old. Throughout she has had the active cooperation of several other members of the Library staff, both in the Editorial and the Newspaper departments; but to her intelligent perseverance and resourcefulness, displayed amid many discouragements, are due a very large share of whatever credit may attach to this publication. It would be pleasant to name the correspondents who have fur- nished to Miss Griswold data for the new notes or for the better- ment of the old; but these represent hundreds of newspaper oflices



and space forbids the mention of them all. We can but thank them and the authors of hundreds of local histories, en masse. In obtaining information from so many sources, and under such vary- ing circumstances, it would be surprising if errors did not occur. We are, indeed, confident that such exist; but will be grateful to be set aright, that future editions may have the benefit of the corrections.

December, 1911. K. G. Thwaites.



The height of each volume is indicated by a letter at the end of th e description, as follows:

D indicates 17.5 to 20 centimeters, nearly 8 inches.

O indicates 20 to 25 centimeters, nearly 10 inches.

Q indicates 25 to 30 centimeters, nearly 12 inches.

F indicates 30 to 40 centimeters, nearly 14 inches.

F4 indicates 35 to 40 centimeters, nearly 16 inches.

FB indicates 40 to 50 centimeters, nearly 20 inches.

F6 indicates 50 to 60 centimeters, nearly 24 inches.

FT indicates 60 to 70 centimeters, nearly 28 inches.

F8 indicates 70 to 80 centimeters, nearly 32 inches.

F9, indicates 80 to 90 centimeters, nearly 36 inches.

n. d. signifies: No date of publication given.

n. p. signifies: No place of publication given.

[ ] include words or dates not found in the title or headings of the publication itself.

+ signifies that the Library possesses the continua- tion of the file, to date.


Catalogue of Newspapers

I. The United States



Bessemer (w). Aug. 11, 1888. Bessemer illustrated.


Labor Advocate (w). 1903+ F«.

Founded 1890 by Jere Dennis and conducted by him till 1896; by J. H. F. Mosley, 1897-1900 ; since then managed by Mosley for Labor Advocate Pub. Co.


Blakely Sun and Alabama Advertiser (s-w). May 17, 1819.

With Southern Local Newspapers, 1811-20. Founded 1819 by Gabriel F. Mott.


Alabama Watchman (w). Aug. 3, 1820.

With Southern Local Newspapers, 1811-20. Published at the former capital of Alabama ; the town-site was sold on tax-title for $550, to an ex-slave, Feb., 1894.


Decatur Enterprise. Vol. 1, No. 1. Sept. 1, 1888.


Fairhope Courier (m; w). Feb., 1908+ ; also earlier scattering num- bers.

Founded 1894 as organ of single tax colony. Published till 1896 or later by Fairhope Industrial Assn. ; then by Ernest B. Gaston and Marie Howland. Gaston has been editor from the start.

Mobile Unionist (w). 1903, 3 nos.


! Newspaper Catalogue

Alabama, continued:


Montgomery Advertiser (w). Aug. 21, 1840.

Alabama State Journal (w). Apr. 2-July 9, 1875. F«.

With Philadelphia Public Ledger, 1872-73. Founded 1867. Published! by J. L. Dimmick & Co., 1870 ; C. T. Thweatt, 1871 ; Arthur Bingham, 1872-75 ; T. C. Bingham & Co., 1876-77. No later mention in direc- tories.

Montgomery Mail. Feb. 12, 1861. Daily Post. Feb. 11, 12, 18, 1861.


Alabama State Intelligences (w). Mar. 2, 1833.

With Middle and Western Newspapers, 1831-40. Founded 1829. Pub- lished (1833) by W. W. and A. M'. McGuire.


North Alabamian. Nov. 17, 1865; Feb. 23, Dec. 7, 1866.


Southern Letter (m). 1898+ F.

Founded 1884 in interest of Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Insti- tute. Edited by Booker T. Washington.



Miners' Union Bulletin (w). Jan., 1909-Aug., 1910. Fs.

Founded 1907 by Tanana Mine Workers' Union and since conducted by them.


Alaskan (w). Nov., 1885-Aug., 1907. 2 v. F«.

Founded 1885 by Alaskan Pub. Co. Conducted by Maurice E. Ke- nealey, 1891 ; Christian H. Schaap, 1892 ; Edward Chamberlain (for Syl- vester & Smith), 1895-96; E. Otis Smith, 1897-Mar., 1898; Alaskan Pub. Co., 1899-1909; since then by 1.. S. Keller. Edited in 1909 by Edward Chamberlain.



Douglas Examiner (w). June 9, 11, 1907.


Arizona Arkansas


Phoenix Weekly Herald. 1897-1901. 2 v. Fe.

Founded 1878 by C. E. McClintock and Gosper, and conducted by them till 1882; N. A. Mortord (with Gosper one year), 1883- •Tune. 1899. Then consolidated with Republican, and conducted by Charles C. Randolph till Dec, 1900 ; later by Arizona Pub. Co. Styled Salt River Herald, 1878; Republican Herald, June, 1899; Arizona Re- publican, Nov., 1900 ; Weekly Republican, May, 1901.



Argenta Incident (w). Oct. 3, 1885.


State Rights Eagle (w). July 17, 1858.

With Western Local Keivspapers, 1851-60. Founded 1858 by L. Linscott and A. W. Hobson.

Fort Smith Fort Smith New Eea. June 4, 1864.

Little Bock

Arkansas Advocate (w). Mar., 1830-1831; Sept. 19, 1832; 1833-May,

1835. 2 v. F«.

Founded Mar., 1S30, by Charles P. Bertrand and conducted by him till Jan., 1835 (with Yoemans, Sept., 1830-May, 1831 ; then owned and conducted by Albert Pike.

Arkansas Banner (w). Mar., 1844-1845 (incomp.). F«.

Founded 1S44 by S. Borland & Co., and conducted by them till Aug., 1845 ; then by Solon Borland.

Arkansas Democrat (w). May, 1846-1855 (incomp.). 3 v. F«.

Founded May, 1846, by William K. Woodruff and conducted by him till Mar., 1853 ; sold to Capt. C. C. Danley, and conducted by him to end of 1855 (with Solon Borland after June of that year). Styled Arkansas State Democrat Oct. 23, 1846 ; Arkansas State Gazette and Democrat Feb. 8. 1850. (Gazette was founded Nov., 1819, by Woodruff and pub- lished by him till 1838, and again Dec, 1842-44, and after 1S48 till merged in Democrat.)

National Democrat (w). Oct., 1864-Apr., 1865. (incomp.).

With Unconditional Union, 1864. Founded 1863. Published by C. V. Meader, 1864-April, 1865.

Arkansas State Gazette and Democrat. See Arkansas Democrat, above.


Newspaper Catalogue

Little Rock, Ark., continued:

Unconditional Union (w). Mar.-Nov., 1864 (incomp.).

Same (d). May 17, 24, 1864.

Founded 1864 by W. N. B'ishback and T. D. W. Yonley, and conducted by them till April ; then by C. C. Bliss till November.

Union Labor Bulletin (w). Dec. 21, 28, 1903.

Van Buren

Western Frontier Whig (w). Apr. 29, 1845.

With Eastern and Western Newspapers, 1841-49. Published (1845) by Logan & Sterne.



Bulletin of Social Reform Union (bi-w). 1899, 6 nos. O.

Eden Vale

True Life (s-m). Vol. 1. Dec, 1890-Aug., 1891. Q.

Founded Dec, 1890. Published by Mary Hayes Chynoweth. Religious. No later mention in directories.


Labob News (w). May 20, 27, 1905.


Fresno Labor News (w). Vol. 1, No. 1. Oct. 5, 1907.

Los Angeles

Challenge (w). Dec, 1900-Oct, 1901. F.

See WilsMre'Si under New York City.

Citizen (w). Mar.-Nov., 1907. F. Nov., 1907+ Fe.

Succeeded Union Labor News, Mar. n, l!>07; published by Union News Co.; owned by labor unions of Southern California. Edited by John Murray till Nov. 1, 1907 ; since then by Stanley B. Wilson.

Common Sense (w). Aug., 1904-Aug., 1909. Fa. Successor of Los Angeles Socialist, q. v.

Los Angeles Express (d). Dec, 1907+ Fe.

Founded Mar., 1871. Published' by Tiffany & Co., 1872-75; Express Newspaper and Ptg. Co., 1876-84 ; Osborne & Cleveland, 1886 ; since then by Evening Express Co. Edited by J. J. Ayers and .T. D. Lynch 1876 ; Ayers, 1S77-S4 ; H. Z. Osborne, 1895-96 ; C. D. Willard, 1897-99* Independent.

Forward Movement Herald (w). 1900. 3 nos.




Fraternity (m). May, 1900.

Los Angeles Herald (d). Dec, 1907+ Fe.

Founded 1873 by Herald Ptg. Co.; published by them until 1876; edited by J. M. Bassett, 1875-7fi. Then owned and edited by Joseph D. lynch. 1877-87 ; J. D. Lynch & Co., 1887 ; Ayers & Lynch, 1888-94 ; since then, Herald Pub. Co.; edited (1011) by Thomas B. Gibbon. Dem- ocratic.

American Journal of Eugenics.

See same title, under Chicago, III.

Los Angeles Labor (w). June 27, 1896. F e.

California Nationalist (w). Vol. 1. Feb.-May, 1890. F4.

Conducted (1890) by P. P. Cook, Mrs. M. E. Benson, T. Taylor, and N. V. Lewis.

Weekly Nationalist. May-Aug., 1890. F.

Saturday Post (w). Vol. 6, 1902, July 5, 19, Oct. 18, Nov.-Dec. Vols. 7-11, 1903-1905. 3 v. F4. Vol. 12. 1906, Jan.-Feb. Founded 1900, and since published by Post Pub. Co.

Social Economist (w). Mar. 19, 1898.

Los Angeles Socialist (w). 1903-Aug., 1904. F«.

Founded Nor., 1901, by the local Los Angeles Socialist party. Edited successfully by Charles H. Roas, Edgar B. Helphingstine, W. A. Corey, Frank I. Wheat, W. S. Bradford, W. A. Corey, A. G. Sanftleben, and W. Scott Lewis. Styled Common Sense, q. v., Aug., 1904.

Los Angeles Times (d). May 30, 1903; Dec, 1907- Jan., 1909. 14 v. F 6.

Founded 1881 by Yarnell, Caystile & Mathes (of the Mirror), and published by them till 1882 ; by Yarnell, Caystile & Otis, 1883 ; Francisco, Caystile, Mathes & Otis, 1S84-S.-, ; Times Mirror Co. since 1886. 'Edited by Harrison Gray Otis since 1896. Independent Republican.

Union Labor News (w). Nov., 1905-Feb., 1907. Fs.

Founded 1901. Published 1910 by Labor News Co. Styled Citizen, q. v., Mar., 1907.

United Socialism (bi-m). Jan., Feb., 1900.

Founded 1896. California Voice (w). Feb. 20, 1902.


Californian (w). Vol. 1, Nos. 3-38; Vol. 2, 45 nos.; Vol. 3, 6 nos. Aug. 29, 1846-May 6, 1847; May 22, 1847-May 10, 1848; May 17- Sept. 9, 1848. F— Fs.

First California newspaper. Published at Monterey by Walter Colton and Robert Semple until May 6, 1847 (Colton withdrawing Apr. 16). Printed on cigar wrapping paper from a Spanish font picked up in a


Newspaper Catalogue

Monterey, Calif., continued:

mission cloister. There being no W's in this font two V's were used until W's could be obtained from the Sandwich Islands. Removed to San Francisco May 22, 1847 ; there conducted successively by Robert Semple, B. K. Buckelew, and Robert Gordon ; then again by Buckelew until May 17, 1848; then published by J. D. Hoppe & Co. and edited by H. L. Sheldon till Sept. 0, after which there is no evidence of its con- tinuance. Contains (Mar. 15, 1847) first news of discovery of gold.

Mountain View

Signs of the Times (w). Vol. 32. 1906. F. See same title, under Oakland.


Nevada Jouenal (w). Dec. 23, 1853.

With- Western Local newspapers, 1851-60. Founded 1852. Published by Budd & Sargent in 1853 ; edited by A. A. Sargent.


Cooperative Journal (m; w; m). Vols. 1-4. 1901-1904. Vols. 5-10. 1905-July, 1911. 2 v. P. Vol. 11. July, 1911+ O. Founded 1900 by Co-op. Educational Co. Organ of Rockdale Whole- sale Co., representing sixteen persons and forty-three local store com- panies. Since Jan., 1911, owned by the Produce & Consumers' Co-op. Co., Ltd., of Seattle, Wash. Conducted since May, 1909, by Robert E. Bush.

American Sentinel.

See same title, under New York. Signs of the Times .(w). Vols. 23-24. 1897-98. 2 v. F4. Vol. 25.

1899 (incomp.); Vol. 26. 1900; Vol. 30. 1904 (incomp.); Vol. 32.

1906. F.

Founded 1875. Published by the Pacific Seventh Day Adventist Pub. Co., 1879-85 ; by Intematl. Tract and Missionary Soc, 1886-90 ; by Pa- cific Press Co., 1891-1908. Edited by James White, J. N. Andrews, and Uriah Smith, 1879-83 ; J. H. Waggoner, 1884-90 ; Milton J. Wilcox, 1891-1908. No later mention in directories.

■Socialist Voice (w). 1905, 3 nos. See World.

Woeld (d). May 22-Sept. 23, 1907. F«.

Same (w). Sept., 1907+

Founded 1904, under name of Socialist Voice, by Local Alameda County Socialist Party, and controlled by that body until 1907, when it was taken over by the World Press, Inc., and changed to a daily un- der its present title. Suspended in four months on account of financial

> difficulties. Resumed shortly after as a weekly under control of Branch

Oakland, Socialist Party, its present publisher. Conducted by George Broadley, Maurice E Eldridge, Austin E. Lewis, Maynard Shipley, and others, suspending for brief periods for lack of financial support, until June, 1910 ; since then by H. C. Tuck. "Has always advocated the principles of class-conscious Socialism ; namely, that the means of pro-

i . .Auction and distribution should be owned by the producers."




Public Ownership Review.

See same title, under Colorado Springs, Colo.

Social Review (m). June, 1897. Founded 1S97.

Point lioma, San Diego

Century Path (w). Vols. 2-3. 1898-1900 (incomp.). Vols. 5-12. 1901-1909. 8 v. 1910-June 11, 1911. F.

Founded 1897. Organ of the Universal Brotherhood, Theosophy, etc. Called New Century I'ath until Jan., 1907. Edited by Katherine Tingley. Succeeded June 11, 1911, by 7'hcosophical Path, Katherine Tingley, edi- tor.


Searchlight. Mar. 18, 1903.


Sacramento Union (d). 1854-70. 30 v. F«.

Founded 1851, probably by .T. Anthony & Co., By whom it was pub- lished 1854-74. Then merged with Itecord (founded 1867) as Record Union.

San Diego

Justice. Apr. 3, 1899.

New Century Path.

See same title, under Point Lorna.

San Francisco

Advance (w). Feb. 16, June 15, 1901; Aug. 30, 1902.

Alliance News (m). Feb., 1905.

California Arbeiter Zeitung. Oct. 24, 1891.

Argonaut (w). Jan.-Nov., 1890; 1891. Fi.

Founded 1877 by Frank M. Pixley and Fred M. Somers, and conducted by them till 1881 (as Argonaut Pub. Co.) ; Pixley and Jerome A. Hart till 1894 ; Hart, 1894-1907. Then bought by Alfred Holman, and since conducted by him.

Evening Bulletin (d and w). 1864-65. Ft.

Same (d). Oct., 1855-91. 74 v. F?-s.

Founded 1S55 by James King. Published by San Francisco Bulletin Co., 1869-95. Edited by George K. Fitch, 1889-95. Since then owned and edited by K. A. Crothers. Independent Republican.


See same title, under Monterey.


Newspaper Catalogue

San Francisco, Calif., continued:

San Francisco Chronicle (d). 1890-1910. 130 v. F«. 1911+

Founded 1865 as Dramatic Chronicle, by Michael H. and Charles de Young. Conducted by them till the death of the latter in 1880 ; since then by the former.

Pacific Churchman (s-m). Apr., 1893-Aug., 1894. F.

Founded 1865. Published by Cuberry & Co., 1870-76. Edited by Revs. Elias Birdsall and F. W. Brotherton, 1874 ; Rev. Thomas Smith, 1875-76 ; Rev. A. P. Gray, 1877-78 ; Rev. D. O. Kelley, 1879-80 ; H. O. Beers, 1882 : Rev. E. B. Church, 1883 ; D. O. Kelley, 1884-91 ; Rev. Ho- bart Chetwood, 1893-99 ; Rev. B. L. Parsons, 1909 ; Revs. L. C. Sanford and W. Higgs, 1910. Protestant Episcopal.

Citizen's Magazine (m). Vols. 1-2 (incomp.). Mar., 1908- July, i909. F.

Founded Mar., 1908, as organ of Citizens' Alliance (H. W. Postle- thwaite, president; J. McKinery, manager). Published by same until July, 1909. No later data obtainable.

Civil and Social Problems (m). Aug.-Sept, 1900.

Class Struggle (w). 18,89, scat, nos.; May 5, 1900. F6.

Coast Seamen's Journal (w). Vols. 8-14. 1894-1901. 7 v. Vols. 16-22. 1902-1909. 7 v. 1910+ F4.

Founded 1887. Official paper of Internatl. Seamen's Union of Amer- ica ; published by Sailors' Union of the Pacific. Edited since 1896 by Walter Macarthur.

Coming Age (w). Aug. 3, Oct. 12, 1895.

Egoism (m). 1891-1897, scat. nos.

Founded 1890 by Equity Pub. Co. No later mention in directories.

Emancipator (m). Oct., Nov., 1906; May, 1907.

Free Society. 1899-1900; 1903-1904. F*.

Successor of FireVrana, q. v. under Portland, Ore. Published by Free Society Pub. Co. Moved to Chicago Jan., 1901 ; to New York Feb., 1904. Conducted after July, 1900, by A. Isaak. Suspended Nov., 190l!

Freethought (w). Mar. 1, 1890.

Hope and Home (w). Oct., 1892-1896. F.

Founded 1892 by Abba Lord Holten ; published by him until Jan., 1894 then edited by him and published by Alfred Cridge until 1896. No later data obtainable. Reform.

Kappa Kappa Gamma Key (q). Vol. 13. 1896, 2 nos.; Vol. 15. 1898, 2 nos.; Vols. 16-17. 1899-1900; Vols. 18-20. 1901-1903, 7 nos.; Vols. 26-27. 1909-1910, 3 nos. Formerly published at Ithaca, N. Y.

Labor (w). Vol. 1. No. 1. July 29, 1893.

' [8]


Labor Clarion (w). Dec, 1905-Apr., 1906. F'.

Founded 1902 by local Labor Council, and still published by them. Now edited by Will J. French.

Merchants' Association Review (m). 1905-Mar., 1906. F.

Founded 180G by Merchants' Assn. of San Francisco. Edited (1905- 06) by Frank M. Todd. No later data obtainable.

Merchants' Association Review (m). 1905-Mar., 1906. F.

Founded 1860. Published by Dewey & Co., 1869-91 ; Dewey Pub. Co., 1892-90 : J. F. Halloran, 1897-1001 or later. Edited by W. B. Ewer, 3 869-U3; J. F. Halloran, 1897-1901. Now published by Dewey Pub. Co., and edited by T. A. Rickart. Styled Scientific Press, 1869-73.

New Charter (w). July, 1896-June, 1898, 6 nos. Fe.

Founded 1893, successor of San .Tose Tribune. Published (1896-97) by New Charter Pub. Co. ; edited by M. W. Wilkins. No later data ob- tainable. People's Pa''ty ; Socialist Labor.

Organized Labor (w). Oct., 1909+ Fe.

Founded Jan., 1900, by Organized Labor Pub. Co., representing San Francisco labor unions, and since published by them. Managed from the first by Cress Gannon ; edited by O. A. Tveitmoc.

Oriental (w). Chinese. Feb. 18, 1887; Apr. 27, 1888.

With Span. Amer., Scand., and Oriental Newspapers, 1822-93. Founded 1886 by Wan Kee and conducted by him till 1899 or later.

Pacific (w). Dec, 1862-Jan., 1863. 3 nos.

With Kans.. \\osh., and Oiegon Newspapers, 1852-63. Founded 3852. Edited by J. A. Henton and S. V. Blakeslee, 1869-81 ; S. S. Smith and John Kimball, 1882 ; Pub. Co. of the Pacific, 1883-98 (except by Benton, Smith, and Kimball, 1889, and J. W. Douglas, 1890) ; W. W. Ferrier, 1899-1901. No later data obtainable. Presb.; now Cong.

California Patron (m; s-m). May, 1876-June, 1878. Fs.

Founded 1876 by State Grange of California. Edited by J. V. Web- ster, Amos Adams, and Thomas H. Merry, 1877 ; Adams and I. C. Steele, 1879-80 ; J. V. Webster, 1882-84 ; J. Chester, 1886-87. Styled Call- jornia Patron and Agriculturist after 1886. Suspended about 1890.

Railway Employees' Journal (w). Aug. 14, 1902; June-Sept., 1903.


Founded 1899. Published (1903) by Railway Pub. Co. No later data obtainable.

Rescue (w). Nov., 1882-Oct, 1883. F.

Founded 1803. Edited by Kev. George Morris, 1876-77 ; A. D. Wood, 1882-83 ; E. F. Dinsmore, 1884. No later mention in directories. Tem- perance.

Russian Review. Vol. 1, Nos. 1-5, May-Nov., 1905. F.

Socialist (w). July, 1895-Feb., 1897. F.

Founded 1895 by J. E. Scott and conducted by him till 1899. Na later data obtainable.


Newspaper Catalogue

sSan Francisco, Calif., continued:

California Socialist (m). Mar. 27, June-Oct, 1903. F«.

Founded 1903. Edited (March) by U. K. Bohannon; by Mary Fair- brother, June-Oct. No later data obtainable.

Stab (w). Hay, 1907+ F «.

Founded 1884 by James H. Barry, and conducted by him until 190S or later ; now by William H. Barry. Independent.

San Francisco Tageblatt (w). 1903- Jan., 1906. 2 v. F«.

B'ounded 1S3U by Tageblatt Pub. Soc., and published by them tjjl 1895; Tageblatt Assn., 1895-96; Tag. Pub. Soc, 1897-1906. Edited by Emil Liess, 1895-99. No later data obtainable.

Truth; Organ ofScientific Socialism in America (m). 1884, 4 nos.

Volks-Zeitung (w). Aug. 29, 1891.

-Zeitgeist (m). Vol. 1. No. 1. 'Oct., 1902.

San Luis Obispo

Reasonbr (w). July 31, 1902.

Santa Barbara

People's Paper (w). Dec. 6, 1902; Apr. 11, 1903.

Colorado ,


Conscience (m). Jan.-Mar., 1900.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Gazette (d). Sept. 20, 1896.

Pike's Peak Centennial number. Founded 1878. Conducted (18981 by W. A. Piatt. v '

Pink Iconoclast (w) . June 6, 1903.

Public Ownership Review (m). July-Dec, 1897; Feb.- July, 1898. F. Founded 1897 by Morrison I. Swift, and conducted by him until 1898'' No later mention in directories.

Cripple Creek

Press (d). Dec, 1899-Mar., 1903. 7 v. F«.

See same title, under Victor, Colo. ;




Alliance of the Rockies (w). Apr., 1903-Jan., 1905 (incomp.). F».

Pounded 1872. Published and edited, Apr., 1903-Jan., 1905, by E. A. Southworth. Socialist.

Altrurian (m). March, 1896.

Arbitrator. June 15, 1889.

Bio Five Era (m). May, 1902. Successor of (fold Nuggett.

Colorado Chronicle (w). Oct., 1901-July, 1903. F«.

Founded Oct., 1901, by Otto F. Thum & David C. Coates, formerly of Pueblo Courier, and conducted by tliem till July, 1903, wben consoli- dated with Miner's Magazine, q. v.

Hobseshoers' Monthly Magazine. Vols. 2-6. 1901-1905. 5 v. O.

1906-1909. 4 v. Q. 1910+

Founded 1900 by Internatl. Union of Journeymen Horseshoers of United States and Canada. Edited by Koady Keneban till Jan., 1911; since then by Hubert S. Marshall. Removed to Cincinnati, O., Jan., 1911.

International Horseshoers' Monthly Magazine.

See Horseshoern' Monthly Majjazine.

Industrial Advocate (w). May, 1897-June, 1898; Nov. 11, 1898. F6. Founded 1893. Published by Demer Trades and Labor Assembly, 1898-1901. Edited by Willis L. Hal), 1S97-9K; Charles F. Chase, 1899- 1901. No later data obtainable

Industrialist (m). 1890, 3 nos.

Labor Enquirer (w). Jan.-May, 1885. Fs.

Founded 1882, by Buchanan & Laverty, and conducted by them till 1884 ; by J. R. Buchanan, 1884-87 ; by Co-op. Labor Enquirer Co., 1888-89 (edited by James J. Callahan). No later mention in directories.

IiAbor Exchange Guide (w). 1897, 4 nos.

Miners' Magazine (m). Vols. 1-3. 1900-1902. 3 v. O. Vols. 5-10. Aug., 1893-June, 1909. 5 v. F4. July, 1909+

Founded 1900 by Western Fed. of Miners, and since published by them. Edited by Edward Boyce till July, 1902; since, by John M. O'Neill.

Municipal Facts (w). 19U9, 2 nos.; 1910+ Q.

Published by the city. Free to tax-payers on request

New Nation (w). June 18, 1898.

Rocky Mountain News (d). June 7, 1862; July-Dec, 1874; Sept-Dec, 1896. F«.


Newspaper Catalogue

Denver, Colo., continued:

Same (w). 1896-Jan., 1902; Mar., 1902-1909. 7 v. F«. 1910+

Founded 1859. Published by Byers & Daily, 1869; by William N. Byers. 1870-78 ; since then by Kooky Mountain News Printing Co. Edited by John Atkins, 1889-94 (with Thomas A. Patterson, 1893-94) ; by Patterson, 1895-1901 or later.

Retail Clekks' International Advocate (m). Vols. 12-16. 1905-1908- 4 v. Q. 1909+

Founded 1893 as organ of the Retail Clerks' Internatl. Protective Assn. Edited 1896-1909, by Internatl. Sec. Treas., Max Morris; since his death in June, 1909, by President H. J. Conway.

Rocky Mountain Rocket (s-m). Vol. 1, Nos. 1-22. Apr., 1908-Jan.,.

1909. F-F *.

Founded 1908, by Internatl. Assn. of Machinists, and conducted by them till 1909. No later mention in directories.

Colorado Socialist. June 5, 1903.

Consolidated Aug., 1903, with Miners Magazine^ q. v.

Rocky Mountain Socialist. Vol. 1, no. 1, Jan. 4, 1902.

No more published.

Union Labob League Bulletin (m). Dec, 1906; June, 1907.

Union Pacific Employes Magazine (m). Nov., 1892; Feb., Aug., 1894- Founded 1885.

Waite's Magazine (m). Vol. 1, No. 1, Oct. 1, 1898.


Pbowees County News (w). Nov., 1905-July, 1906 (incomp.). Aug.„ 1906-1909. F«. 1910+

Founded 1901. Conducted by C. Frost Liggett, Aug., 1906-Mar 1910- since then by Lamar Pub. Co. Republican.


Bulletin Sanitary and Sociological (m). 1904+ (incomp.). O

Founded 1904 by Colorado Fuel and Iron Co. Published by' their- medical and sociological department, for instruction of employees in hygiene and sanitation. " y es m

Pueblo Coumee (w). May-Nov., 1899; Apr. 13, 1900; Dec. 12 1902-.

F 6. ' ^

Founded 1892. Organ of Western Fed. of Miners. Published bv Otto Thum and D. C. Coates, 1898-1901. Then moved to Denver an* styled Colorado Chronicle, q. v. Denver, ancr


Pbess (d). June 27-Dec. 7, 1899. P«.

Founded 1899 by an organization of workingmen. Moved to CriDnle- Creek (q. v.) in December, 1899. w





Bridgeport Advocate (w). Oct. 10, 1903.

Republican Fabmee (w). July, 1804-May, 1805, 28 nos. Fb.

Pounded 1804 by Joseph Hutchinson and conducted by him till Not. ; then by Nichols & Rowe.

Danbury .

Journal of United Hatters (m). Vols. 1-7. 1898-May, 1905 (in- comp.). O.

Founded 1898. at Philadelphia ; later moved to Newark, N. J., and Danbury in 1900.

New England Republican (w). July, 1804-May, 1805, 30 nos. Fs.

Founded July, 1804. Printed by Gray & Steele till Jan., 1805 ; then by John C. Gray.


Advocate of Peace.

See same title under Boston, Mass.

Boquet (s-w). Vol. 1. 1831-32. F.

Founded 1831. Edited by Melzar Gardner. Sub-title, Flowers of polite literature.

Cartridge Box (d). Dec. 15-22, 1886. Q.

Organ of Fair for aid of destitute soldiers.

Christian Secretary (w). Oct.-Dec, 1873; 1874-85. 5 v. Ft.

Founded Feb., 1822, by Conn. Bapt. Miss. Soc. ; transferred to the State Convention, 1823 ; to the Christian Secretary Assn., 1829 ; merged in Gospel Witness (N. Y.), 1837. In 1S38 revived as Christian Secre- tary by Rev. Elisha Cushman (editor, 1822-24). and conducted by him and his son, Elisha Cushman Jr., till 1840 ; Normand Burr, 1840-61 (with W. S. Williams and A. A. Smith, 1840-50) Cushman, 1861-76; Rev. Sylvanus D. Phelps, 1870-88 ; Rev. C. A. Piddock, 1888-96, when merged in Examiner. Baptist.

Churchman (w). Mar., 1872-Dec, 1874. Fe.

Successor to The Calendar, lsc>o. Removed to New York City, 1875. Published by M. H. Mallory & Co., 1870-97; since then by Churchman Co. Protestant Episcopal.

Connecticut Common School Journal (m). Vols. 1-3. Aug., 1838- Sept, 1842. Indexed. Q.

Connecticut Courant (w). Oct. 29, 1764 (facsimile), Sept. 6,1774 (with

Boston Gazette, 1764), 1775; Dec, 1786-May, 1790; 1791-93; Feb.-

Oct., 1794; 1795, 2 nos.; May, 1799-Sept., 1801; July, 1800-Dec,

1801; 1802-11. 9 v. Fs. 1812-22; Mar .-Dec, 1824. 5 v. F«.

Founded in 1704 hx Thomas Green, and conducted by him till 1767 or


Newspaper Catalogue

Habtfokd, Conn., continued:

1768 ; by Ebenezer Watson till his death in 1777 ; by bis widow till 1778, when George Goodwin became a partner. In 1779 she married Barzillai Hudson and the firm became Hudson & Goodwin ; conducted thus till 1815; Goodwin & Sons, 1815-36; John L. Boswell, 1836-54; Thomas M. Day and A. N. Clark 1S54-67, when merged with Press. Retained name Conrant, but managed by Press stall, including Joseph C. Hawley, Charles Dudley. Warner, and W. H. Goodrich. Organ of "Loyal Sons of Liberty ;" later, supporter of Washington and Adams ; contin- ued uninterruptedly to present time without change of name ; probably oldest newspaper now published in TT. S.

Connecticut Coubant, Supplement to (bi-w). Mar., 1829-Dec, 1837. In- dexed. 3 v. O. 1840-41; 1843; 1847-48; 1854-61. Indexed. 4 v. Q. 1865-67.

Episcopal "Watchman (w). Apr. 24, 1832. !

Litebaey Casket (s-m). Mar., 1862-Feb., 1827. Q.

Founded Mar., 1826, by Benjamin H. Norton and John Russell ; cow ducted by them till suspension, Feb., 1827.

Locomotive (m). Dec, 1902-May, 1903. O.

Founded 1889, by Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. Edited (1902-03) by J. M. Allen. No later data obtainable.

American Meectjby (w). July 18, 1791; Oct., 1794-Aug., 1795; Nov.,

1795- Jan., 1796; July 25, 1799. Fs. Sept., 1801-Dec. 1, 1803 (in-

comp.); 1804, 12 nos.; 1805, 27 nos.; 1806-1809, 20 nos.; 1810-

1811, 12 nos.; Sept. 15, 1818. F«.

Founded 1784 by Joel Barlow, editor, and Elisha Babcock, publisher. Merged in Independent Press, 1833.

Connecticut Mibbob (w)'. July, 1809-Dec, 1811. Fb. 1812-18; Apr., 1822-Dec, 1823; 1824-27; Jan., 1829-Oct, 1830. 7 v. F«.

Founded July, 1809, by Charles Hosmer and conducted by him till May, 1816 (with Horatio G. Hale, Dec, 1811-Nov., 1814) ; Benjamin L. Ham- len, May, 1816-Aug., 1818 (with Newton after June, 1817) ; William L. Stone and Simeon Lincoln, Oct.-Dec, 1818; J. G. C. Brainard and P. B. Goodsell, Apr., 1822-Dec., 1827; Jonathan Edwards and George F. Olmsted, Jan., 1829-Oct., 1830.

Patbiot and Democrat (w). Dec. 5, 1835; 1836, 8 nos. Fe.

Religious Inquirer (m). Vol. 1. 1821-22. O.

Republican (w). 1849-51. F«.

Founded by William H. Burleigh as successor of Charter Oak; later sold to J. D. Baldwin, who in turn sold (1852) to M. H. Bartlett & Co edited by D. W. Bartlett and Joseph R. Hawley till merged (1856) to Evening Press.

Habtpobd Times (w). Aug-Oct, 1830; May-Dec, 1832; Jan.-May, 1833. Fo.

[ 14 ] l


Same (s-w). Oct-Dec, 1834; 1835-36. 3 v. F«.

Founded 1817 by Frederick D. Bolles, as advocate ol a new constitu- tion for the state ; edited by John M. Niles, and became influential anti- Federalist organ. About 1826 became the property of Samuel Bowles (later of Springfield Republican) and Francis ; later of Benjamin H. Norton and John Russell ; edited by Gideon Welles, 1S2S-36. Pub- lished by Jones & Watts in 1837 ; Henry A. Mitchell in 1838 ; Mitchell and Alfred E. Burr till 184] ; by Burr alone, 1841-54 ; by Burr Bros. (A. B. & F. L.) 1854-1900; since then by W. 0. Burr (associate editor since 1879). Daily edition since 1841. Democratic.

Times and Hartford Advertiser (s-w). May, 1833-Oct, 1834. P».

Travelers Record (m). 1886-1903. 5 v. F.

Founded 1864. Organ of Travelers Insurance Co.


Litchfield Monitor (w). June 27, 1792; Aug. 13, 1794; Mar. 4, Oct. 21- 28, 1795. |

With N. HI. Local Newspapers, 1791-08. Established 1784 by Thomas- Collier ; suspended, 1806.

Witness (w). Dec, 1805-June, 1807. Fo.

Founded 1805 by Timothy Ashley and conducted by him till Apr.r 1806 ; by Selleck Osborn, Apr., 1806-June, 1807. Temporary suspen- v sion then announced.


Middlesex Gazette (w). July-Dec, 1808; 1822-23, scat, nos.; 1824-27. 3 v. F«.

Founded 1785. Published by Tertius Dunning (with J. B. Dunning, for a time) 1808-Aug., 182:-! ; by E. & H. Clark, Feb., 1824-1827.

American Sentinel (w). 1823-27 (incomp.). F«.

Founded Jan., 1823, by William D. Starr and W. H. Niles, and con- ducted by them till 1827, when Niles withdrew.

New Haven

Chbistian Spectator (m). Vols. 1-10. 1819-28. Indexed. 10 v. O.

Conducted by an "Association of Gentlemen." Published by Howe & Spalding, 1819-20 ; S. Converse, 1821-25 ; Hezekiab Howe (New Haven) and J. P. Hanen (New York), 1826-1827; Durrie, Peck & Co., 1829. Thereafter issued quarterly till suspended in 1838.

Chbonicle of the Church (m). Vols. 1-3. 1837-38. 3 v. in 2. Q.

Founded 1837 by the P. E. Diocese of Connecticut. Published and edited by A. B. Chapin. Protestant Episcopal.

New Haven Gazette and Connecticut Magazine (w). Feb., 1786-Feb... 1787; Feb.-Dec, 1787; 1788. Indexed. 3 v. O.

Published by Meigs & Dana. Continued till 1789. Contains Dr. Hopkins's "Anarchiad."


Newspaper Catalogue

New Haven, Conn., continued:

TDaily Herald. 1835; July-Dec, 1836. 3 v. F4. 1837-39. 3