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Т. Петрос nanocroAoc iuc пес есоэг сөт єтотно OW TAIACHOpa яям THONTOC «еп TCAÀATCIA $23 TRAMMAAORIA sell тас зам тбнехиа. 2 RATA mnujpncooss semuovre пеют oa птЁбо agnentia епсотая NTMICTIC LN NGOWGU азпесмос NIE mec. TEXAPIC инти ee PHNH exeaujo. 3 cq[caeaseaaT HGMIMNOTTE пет Aemneooe:c IC перс. Mar ит SMON KATA пейил EeTHAWwWY €oovir ETQEANIC єсомо.

Pale Sahn а арои

Inscription absent because the MS is of a Lectionary

1 пее the Christ] trs. посе зне Bo (rFNP)..om xv 214.. our Lord Jesus Christ Eth eqcoas is writing] om N &c, Vg &c єтотно who dwell] eter ищеязазо who ате in the foreign (land) Во (в*).. єтщоп ex who abide in &c Bo Eth.. тарєт:дурос N (pref. каи №) &с, Vg Arm .. and settlers Syr оп тэмасп(ф 2 1)ора in the dispersion] Bo (пихор ейоХ).. д:асторас̧ N &c, Vg..who are dispersed Syr .. who (are) among dispersed Arm .. in the countries Eth элїї ти. and the Pontos] site п. of Pontos Bo, rovrov М &c, Vg Eth ..т P. Syr.. Pontians &c Arm элїї тс. &c and the С. &c| Eth .. тсаМата Tkamma(o AG)aonsa facta Bo .. уаЛатцє)аѕ катт. actas (om ас. N*) N &c, Vg .. and in G. and in К. and in Asia Syr .. and Galatians and &c Arm элїї тВнезига and the Bethania] neat \Внеаита Bo (AB*FK Ps) (зенита ro.. bronna T.. bros N, I3, am .. бтетита б, harl) .. and pithanins Arm .. and биатуа Eth .. kat [JiÓvvias V &e .. om В*.. and in bithunya Syr

? kata иш(щи 2рисоозй according to the foreknowledge | ката отщори feer lit. acc. to a first of knowing Bo (5®ри revelation К) ката Tpoyvocw Ñ &e, Vg Arm.. those who were chosen in the anticipation of knowledge Syr ..to those who were first to know God Eth eax пт. &c in the sanctification of the spirit] Bo (ката &c р)


I. Petros, the apostle of Jesus the Christ, is writing to the chosen (ones) who dwell in the dispersion and the Pontos and the Galateia and the Kappadokia and the Asia and the Bethania, ? according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, in the sanctification of the spirit, unto the obedience of the faith and the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus the Christ: the grace to you and the peace exceedingly. 3 Blessed is God the Father of our Lord Jesus the Christ, this (one) who begat us according to his great mercy into a living hope

..€v ауасро Tvevuaros Ñ &с, Vg Syr Arm... in. the holy spirit Eth encwtax ñT. unto the obedience of the faith] e утакоти &с, Vg Bo Arm .. that they should be unto obedience Syr .. that they should hearken Eth .. esce unto a redemption Во by error) ибощбщ the sprinkling] раутроу М &c, Vg Во (osnovas lit. a sprinkling) Arm (and unto) Syr (and unto) .. in the sprinkling Eth тє the Christ xv &с.. add nenóc our Lord Bo (a) tex. the grace] Bo .. yapis М &c инти to you] N &c, Vg Bo (о) Arm .. trs. shall be multiplied to you (Bo) Syr Eth Ҹрнин the peace] Bo.. epp с essaugo exceedingly] Bohairic word.. ese(nvos K)ausar shall be multiplied Bo (add митем, see above) тЛубууйеиу &c, Vg Syr Arm Eth

? саза, blessed is] 2! 311, Во Syr Arm Eth .. evAoyyros &c, Vg Rem. God] 2! 311 .. xenóc c the Lord God Во (ср) Tero the lather] 2! 311, s, Syr (vg) Eth .. ки тотур &c, Vg Arm, отоо фот Во .. om Bo (х) nar fitage. &c this (one) who begat us | 21(311) Eth.. фн ete ката &c э4хфоп that (one) who according &c begat us Bo, N &c, Vg Буг Arm к. negna &c lit. acc. to his mercy which is much] 2! &c.. his great mercy Eth .. ката то тоо avrov ecos (eX. avr. I3 31) avayevvgeas «spas Ñ &с, Vg (magnam misericordiam) .. к. maujar sre печиа асс. to the abundance of his mercy Bo .. in his great mercy he begat us afresh Syr Arm ео. evo. econo lit. into a hope living] 2!, es «Атда wrav &c, in spem



grae птооти duc пехе ehoA oW метаяооут. 'evHAHponoesea HaTTARO. ATW HaATTWARR. casec- оов. evoapeo ерос инти ose азпиуе. 5 иә етохохрео EPOOT oM TSOL яяпмотте сти THICTIC SANOT ха етебтот. enin еол язпеотоєту поле. ‘Tar ететитеАнА понт. ехтетиАхпег темох ROT- коз. єє олпс пе opas ом оейпїргсв»о[с] еущобе. TseRaC ETEQE єтаяитсоти итетигистие ETTAIHT

"e (BTI) бо

vivam Vg Arnt.. unto a hope in which we live Eth (pref. and го) .. сотоеХ те noms unto a hope of life Bo as eùr. Cons 9 46, Vg (demid .. vitae eternae tol) .. trs. Jesus Christ unto the hope of life Syr оттях &c through the rising (топе Bo) of Jesus the Christ out of &c 21, Bo (eh. rren.. e. Sea ГЕМОЗТ).. 81 avacracews Ù ХУ єк vekpov N &с, Vg Arm .. in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ unto &c Syr (om ex v.) .. im the res. of our Lord &c from the dead Eth

* evr, unto an inheritance] 21, Bo (esowm e.).. unto his inh.

Eth .. trs. wnfuding inheritance Arm паттако incorruptible] Bo, афбартоу $3 &c, Vg Arm .. which is not corrupted Syr .. which groweth not old. Eth avw and] 31!.. от Bo (s?a» 18) HATT. EREC.

undefiled which is not wont to perish] 311.. армаутои кал арараутоу А &с, Vg Bo (отоо ftatNwar).. анар. Kar аш. №, Arm .. incontami- natam s .. not polluted and not fading Syr .. which is not polluted and which is not fading Eth es(eve Bo 0.. ау ср)о. бс lit. they keeping it] 31], rergpguevqv &c .. which is prepared Syr NATH 93x amn. for you in the heavens] 311, Bo Syr.. ev ovpavois(-vw N) es ураз N &е, Vg (in vobis) Arm.. for us and for you in the heavens Eth

? mar єтото, lit. these whom they keep] Sa ин etowpwie epwor lit. under those whom they watch over Bo (evowna Fs) .. rovs-jpov- povpevovs &e, Eth .. qui-custodimini Vg Arm (kept) .. since ye were guarded Syr em тб. in the power] Sem owxos* in a power Bo Syr .. trs. rovs ev duvaper cov фр. N &c, Vg Eth eri тп. through the faith] Во (e&oN errem dnaed).. dia morews N &с, Vg .. in. the faith Eth ..in your faith Eth ro.. and in the faith Syr .. by faith Arm axmovxar erc. for the salvation which is prepared] Eth.. evovxas єсс. unto a salvation prepared Bo, es owrnp. стоили (из W*) &c,

1 PETER I 4-7 5

through the rising of Jesus the Christ out of those who are dead, * unto an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, which is not wont to perish, being kept for you in the heavens:

5 these who are kept in the power of God through the faith for the salvation which is prepared unto the revelation of the last time. 9 This in which ye are glad, having been grieved now for a little (time), if it 13 necessary, in various temptations; "that should be found the choiceness of your

Vg (paratam), lit. to lives which (are) prepared Syr..to prepared salvation Arm .. that ye should be saved (with a salvation) which is worthy Eth ro епбоХп &c unto the revelation of the last time | eqnacuwpn eb. Sen mi(mr Bars 18)снот iae being about to be revealed in the last times (time ва &c) Bo.. azroxadvdOnvar єк калро єт. N &c, Vg Arm cdd (om times) .. that they should be revealed at the last times Syr .. that (pref. and ro) ?t should appear in the last time Eth .. revealed in the last times Arm

5 паг бс this in which ye are glad, having been grieved now for a little (time) &c] 311.. фи ететеипьоеХиХ (add muog NT) fiiere п(прос A 26)откотхі {пот 1схе сще йтєтєпсіяхкьо понт (от п. к) that in which ye will delight for а little now, if it is right that ye should be grieved Bo..ev w ауа\№Масдє, odvyov арти, et дєоу (eorw), AvTnGertes(as) N &c..in quo ewxultatis (abitis demid tol) modicum nunc si oportet. contristari Vg .. in which ye will rejoice for ever, although in this time a little ye are grieved Syr .. in which glad ye will become, who now a little because of suitable things having been grieved Arm..and ye will rejoice for ever, but a little now ye are about to be grieved Eth .. but ye will rejoice, (although) for a little now, since it is necessary for you, ye are grieved Eth ro evusohe various] (15%) 311, modos М &с, Vg.. потазищ(ео FS) йрн of many kinds Bo (minip. 26).. various which pass over you Syr .. т that which cometh to you (of ) temptation various Eth

7 evege lit. they should find] (15?) 311..ігз. evpeOy es erawov &с, Bo (Eth).. probatio vestrae fidei multo pretiosior sit Vg.. for the proof of your faith more than perishable gold precious is Arm Bo (that the choiceness of your faith should become precious) .. the proof of your faith should be seen more precious Syr .. Eth has that the proof of your faith which 18 much more precious than gold which corrupteth, which in fire they proved (prove ro) should also


egore пмоуб erMaTAHO. пм EWATAORIAATE deo QITA nHOOT ETTAAIO мит ££ OTEOOT £t] OTTAIO даж TGWAT ебоћ iuc пес. ‘пы азпетииьт epog тетя е ажат ор. луто Па хм темох WrerMMav epog alt. тетигистете ae eporp ететитеАнА ох отраше єтонп ATW єтїн. *ететижу дапхок ehoA їїтпїстїс. NOTSA ииетмутун. 10 еххициме ATW avooroer eThe merowosa: иблмепрофитне. Mat єпт^упрофнтєтє erbe TEXAPIC ETXI E9oTM еротм.

отта | ей. orten Bo .. Sen in FS P (r5) зх! ? зг! 10 (a1) (111) mer] ят! шї. тї

be found to be єтпатако which will perish] 15 311.. rov grod- Avpevov Ñ &c, s Vg (fu tol) Bo Eth.. om Vg (am &c).. refined Syr say eujas. &c] evepror. ae though it is proved Bo .. dua zvpos дє &c &с..ош дє 40 al, Bo (Гкхот) єзтазәї(єї 15 31 1)о и. &c lit. unto a justification of you and a glory and an honour] 15 311! .. for praise and for honour and for glory Syr .. for pr. and for gl. and for h. Arm .. evpeOn ets єтолуоу кал доёау кол тилу МА ВС, Vg Syr (h).. evpeOn &c кол ruv кол бобау KLP &c..in honour and in praise and in glory Eth..vowxes& өнпоу Sen osujosujos &c lit. that they should find you in a boast and a glory and an honour Bo (ennor ae FS) om nc Nit &c in the revelation of Jesus the Christ] 15 31! .. when appeareth Jesus Christ Eth .. om Christ Arm cdd

8 mar mner. &c lit. this whom ye saw not, ye love him] 15 311.. ov ouk LoovTes ayazare ВС, quem cum non videritis diligitis s Vg.. he whom ye saw (see Arm) not and ye love him (om Arm) Syr Arm ..фи ететеисфоти MAOY зи тетеперасапай i. that one whom ye know not ye love him Во .. ov оок adores ayarare AK LP &c., he therefore whom ye love while ye see him not Eth (om he therefore ro) evo пах lit. and this from now ye see him not] (15?) 31! .. om Syr .. this now (om {пот к) ye &c Bo (etetentay seeing вагкмот) .. &$ ov apr. px) opovres Ñ &c, в Vg (fu harl tol) Arm (having looked) .. add morevere 68, Vg (am demid).. and until now уе saw him not Eth.. Eth ro has and ye believe him while ye know him not тетииаст. ae &c but ye believe him, being glad] 31!.. tetennaoy

т PETER I 8-10 7

faith which is more precious than the gold which will perish, this which is wont to be proved through the fire, unto justifi- cation of you and glory and honour in the revelation of Jesus the Christ: % this (one) whom ye saw not, ye love, and this (one) heneeforth ye see him not, but ye believe him, being glad in joy hidden and precious; ?receiving the end of the faith, the salvation of your souls. "Having sought and having searched concerning this salvation the prophets, these who prophesied concerning the grace which attaches to you:

ame epog өє\Мн\ but ye believe him. Ве glad Bo (om «e ва, we believe B?) .. ria Tevovres де ауа^Мао ве (are В) N &с, Vg .. and in his faith ye rejoice Syr .. but ye believed and are glad Arm .. but ye believe in him and now ye rejoice Eth ..and now (it is) that ye rejoice Eth ro еЧони a. eerat(er 31 1) нт hidden and precious] 311.. патс(щс A)- axi 30 отоо (om o. A) єачотоот unspeakable and which (and it гмот) was glorified Bo..avexAadytw кал dedofacpevrn Ñ &е, Vg Arm (trs. joy to end) .. glorified unspeakable Syr .. which hath not end and (is) glorious Eth

? ететизи receiving] Во, koju£ouevou Ñ &c, Vg.. having received Arm ..that ye may receive Syr .. while ye receive Eth Япок ево the end] Bo (от e&oN) N &e, Vg Arm Eth .. the reward Syr атп. of the faith] B, Arm .. v. т. vpov &c, Vg Bo Syr Eth .. r. т. роу 96 180, nenmaedX our faith Bo (Е*) nosxar пи. the salvation of your souls] Bo (фиооеа») Syr (the lives) Eth (soul).. соттріау охот Ñ &c, Vg .. trs. of your souls’ salvation Arm

10 єлущінє &c lit. having sought and they searched concerning this salvation the prophets] eebe фах поела сар avkod йхентр. orog avSotset for concerning this salvation sought (ww) the prophets and they searched Во.. тєр. «s ocwrnpias e&elntycov кал cEnp(c)avvycav трофтутол М &c, Vg Arm.. lit. these lives concerning which were searching the prophets Syr..that (concerning this ro) salvation therefore (om ro) which sought and searched the prophets Eth nar en(n rl):as. these who prophesied concerning the grace which attaches to you] (т!) (тт!)..пн etavepnp. Sa migsrot eraqujon: Sen ©. those who pr. about the grace which happened among you Во (Sea no. 0) .. ог тєрї туз es vpas (nuas К 13) xapıros трофутєосаутє Ñ &с, Vg (de futura in vobis) .. who concerning the to из becoming grace prophesied Arm .. when they pr. concerning the


И eyupue «xe epe nenia язпеҳс етмонтох Wane eaw Wovoeiu. ееряамтре хил ишорп мазезонос ETMAWJWITE NEKT. зеп MEOOT ETHAMJWITE земисоот. Paar итаотюмо war ehoA. хе METAIARONEI язезооу WAT AM ЗАЛАХ инти. им PHTADTASÉOTH єрооу тенот от NENTATTAWEOEIWY NATIT ANENA erovaab. мтазтимоот ebo ow THe [ ]

п (15) (11) 111 evmaou.] 1! ..evnag. 15 11! NEC (117)

grace which was about to be given to you Syr .. those who prophesied concerning your honour Eth " етщиме seeking] т! 111, М &c, Vg Bo (SotSet) Eth.. they

were searching Arm . and they examined Буг €pe-ujaxe lit. is speaking] 15? 11 rri!..eva-cax: spake Bo (ujwns was к) Eth .. «буЛоу М &c, Vg (Syr) menia xmneocc &c lit. the spirit of the

Christ which (was) in them is speaking] 15? 1 ! 11!.. the spirit of the Christ spake in them Bo (eta) .. ednAov то ev avrois mva xv Ñ &c, Vg Arm (foretelling) .. om xv B..indicateth and witnesseth the spirit of Christ which dwelleth in them Syr .. spake in them the spirit of Jesus Christ Eth eaw ovoesuy what time] 15 1! x11 .. trs. ep(e)avvovres eis тиа 1 otov kupov Ñ &с, Vg.. evSoTSeT пса писнот searching after the time Во Syr (in what time) .. seeking what and when of time it was which Eth eqepar. xin iu. bearing witness aforetime] 15 1l(rr!)..eaq(B*T'GogT..$ A &с)ерщ. Repar. he (they a &c) having first borne witness Bo .. rpopaptupopevov N &c.. praenuntians Vg .. Буг, see above .. who first the suffering of Christ was witnessing Arm .. and aforetime witness having become to us Eth па (п 1 P) ллокос &c the pains which would happen to the Christ] 15 1! r11.. 5a maka? ive NXT to the pains of the Christ Bo.. ra єє xv mo8npara N &c .. eas quae т Christo sunt passiones Vg .. that would be the suffer- ings &c Буг .. that which was about to suffer Christ Eth .. the pains of the Christ Arm si &eoos &c and the glories (glory Bo ғрѕ) which would happen after them] 15 1! rr! Bo (eemmow ая. mar which come after these) .. «av ras pera ravra. 9ofas Ñ &c, Arm, et posteriores

TIPEDER I ттт? 9

1 seeking what time the spirit of the Christ which (was) in them was speaking of, bearing witness aforetime to the pains whieh would happen to the Christ, and the glories which would happen after them. !* These (prophets) to whom it was manifested, that they were ministering the (things) not to themselves but (a) to you, these (things) which were shown to you now by those who preached to you the holy spirit which was sent out of the heaven [ 1

glorias Vg .. and his glory which (is) after them Syr .. and concerning his glory which (is) after it Eth..not for themselves, and after it his glory Eth ro

12 nas ить. lit. these to whom it was manifested] 15 (1?) 111. lit. those to whom they revealed Bo (pref. not 0) .. ос алтєко\офбт 33 &с, Vg Arm (to whom also).. and was revealed to them all which they were examining Syr..to whom it appeared Eth me mneyaakRo(o I!)mer язяхооу (Baar 111) & lit. that they were ministering them not to themselves but to you] xe NavIpl MOC пооу ап mnavepajako(o)mnmni жє (om ae PNOT) uwor потєп that they were not doing it for themselves, but they were ministering them to you Bo.. от: ovy eavrow ушу (тшу) дє би]коуому avra N &c, Vg Arm (ministers they became) .. от xavyacbe ovx eavrov ушу дє кол дик. а. 13... because not for themselves they were asking but for us indeed they were prophesying Syr .. and not for themselves but because of you they ministered this (om ro) Eth nati to you] МАВСІР, Vg Bo Syr (h) Eth.. nuw К &c, Syr (vg) Arm War Was. lit. these which they showed to you now] 15 Il (11]).. mas {лот etart(etent. we show К) ep. these now which &c Bo (add but Fs) a vvv аутууєА ушу Ñ &е, Vg Syr (revealed) Arm (om to you) .. which they announced to you Arm cdd .. which now we announce to you Eth ©. nen(mnm r))vas. &e by those who preached to you] (151) т! 111 %.. those who declared Eth..e. &. funHetavory. и. through those who preached good tidings to уои Bo aineniia ет. the holy spirit] 11 луеорати ау. АВ 13, Vg Arm.. Sen ovnita eq. in a holy spirit Bo, ev zv. ay. NCKLP &c, Syr Eth itavin. lit. they sent him out of the heaven] 11.. eavovopny &c lit. they having sent him &c Bo .. атовдтаеуть aro &6 N &с, Vg .. who was sent from &c Syr Arm Eth


13 етфе mar ex revitaeomp ии пе аяпетмонт ATW ereri- мифе. oeX ce ON оухок eto erescapic eros marc NATH ose похАп eboX iuc пес. оос щире а®п- сотая їїтєтїїхї an запор ииетиепотяя> ишорп. ETETHON иєтияейтатсооти. ААЛА Rata ee ет- ovaab HGMENTAYTEQRETHTTH ететищюле OWTTHTTIT erermovaab сора! ом ANacTPoOrPH итая. ! хе ссно. хе ujore ereritovaab. ose anton foraah. 17 arw euyxe петкриме аяпохх MOTA ата иехобите ax 100.

efil M (15) f! 13 (15) f! nent.) 15.. пит, #1 єтєтищ. | 15 Ф..єтєтєтищ. #1 26 (165) #7 (51) £1

13 ethe п. because of this] and now also Eth EATETHMOTP пп(иеп f!)4me having girded the loins] epetenSex ennor orx- (ex)en &c lit. arming you on &c Во (eap. having armed &c BAT GP ВТ 18)... avafwoapevor tas oop. X &с, Vg Arm.. gird ye loins Syr Eth sanetHont lit. of your heart] Bo Eth .. т. бауош< vov N &c, Vg Syr (minds) Arm (minds) ететпинфе(и f!) being sober] vgovres N &e, sobrii Ус.. уф. тео 31 al..eperempuc Sen &c being wakeful perfectly Bo Syr .. having been vigilant Avm .. confidently and wakefully Eth geAmze өп lit. hope in a perfection] trs. TeÀews eAmicate X &c, Arm.. apioeNnic hope (ye) Bo Eth .. and hope Syr evexapic &c lit. for the grace wh. they will bring to you] Bo (enroaxor .. wor to them FS) .. exe тту pepopevyy оши ҳари N &e, Vg (quae offertur vobis) .. for coming to you the grace Arm .. for the joy which cometh to you Syr ..for that which cometh to you joy Eth un(e f!)si to you] soos to Мет Bo (Fs) охх &c in the revela- tion of Jesus the Christ] Во.. си arok. w Хи &е, Vg Arm .. in the rev. of owr Lord, &c Syr, in the appearing of our Lord &c Eth

^ щире lit. son] fl..eamnu. sons Bo Vg Syr Arm Eth .. rexva N ge samc. lit. of the hearing] f!, Во.. vraxogs &c, Vg Arm.. obedient Syr .. who obey Eth (obeyeth го) птєтихі am lit. not taking the form of your former lusts, being in your ignorances ] (15 ?) fl ..epetenos ищфир їїсазот am (om 26) її&рнї sen ni(oan Fs)- ENS. птє щори пи eraperen mawor Sem osaseraress lit. being not (om 26) conformed in the (om rs) former lusts which ye were having (evap. ye had FS) in an ignorance Bo .. ил} сосҳтш. TaS прот. ev TH ayvou, vpwv єт:дошолѕ &c, Vg (ignorantiae vestrae) Arm (уоит-

1 PETER Г 13-17 11

13 Because of this having girded the loins of your mind and being sober, hope perfectly for the grace which will be brought to you in the revelation of Jesus the Christ; !*as children of the obedience, not being conformed to your former lusts, being (then) in your ignoranees: 15 but (a) according as is holy he who called you, being yourselves also holy in all manner of life; 16 because it is written, Become ye holy ; because I am holy. 1 And if he who judgeth each according to their works without acceptance of person—ye call him, Our Father, then

lusts)..and be not partakers again in former lusts which ye were lusting not (being) in knowledge Syr .. while ye not turn to your former error which in ignorance ye lusted after Eth

5 aXNa] Eth .. and now also Eth ro ката ee єт. (15 .. eg. f!) &c according as is holy &c] 1511.. ката rov kaAecavra vpas ayiov Kat avro, ayto.—yeviÜyre Ñ &c, Vg Arm (holy he who &c).. appr TPH eTayoagear өнпоу EOTATION пе шэп: офтеи eperenosaó as he (om кз) who called you (om Fs) is being holy, become (add ae LIGNOPT) yourselves also holy Bo .. be holy in all as is holy he who called you Syr..as he who called you holy is, so (lit. and) become yourselves also holy Eth anacrpodn manner of life] (15) #1, N &с, Vg.. ммазоши walking Bo.. your walking Syr Arm .. your character Eth

16 же &c because it is written] (15?) fl, or. yeyparraı NC, Vg (quoniam) Syr Eth .. ош 13..хеотих tap (ош GP 18 26) ссёноут Bo, дот: уєур. ABK LP &c..add in the scriptures Bo (Fs) .. because of which &c Arm xe 29] 15? f!, B 51, Bo Syr Eth ro .. that which saith Eth ., om N &c щопє e(a Ё!) тєтпоу. become ye holy] f!, Bo Syr Arm Eth.. ayo yeveobe KLP &c.. ay. ececbe МА ВС 13, sancti estote Vg (am һаг] tol) Antonius ..s. eritis Vg (fu demid) жє because 39] f!, Bo, от: A &c, Vg Arm Eth (quia) .. бот. ÑN .. кадоѕ бо, Syr anok I] И, №, Vg Arm.. anos gw J also Bo (om eo rs) Syr..om A &c tovaah I am holy] fl, Bo, eju ауюѕ A'CKLP &c .. sanctus sum Vg (Syr) Arm (Eth) Antonius .. om eu, NA* B

" ато (om Bo ЕКВ) eujyse and if] 3! f!.. but if Eth .. and if it is Syr neikpnte &c he who judgeth Our Father] 3! f! (Bo фн eena .. пеепа FS).. латєра єлїкаА. тоу алтросот. kpwovra &c N &с, Vg (Syr) Arm (Eth) anora &e each according &c] 31., пота m. Mawt each of you fl (ош acc. &c) a(e f!)ait жоо lit.


TETHLLOTTE еро хе пеметот. ere засоще oit osoore a*neovoewg ETETNUJOOM erneieea. 15 eTETHCOOTHT хе NTAVCETTHTTH хи ом ovmnovó н ovoaT ещатако ehor ow метмобите erupoverr. EMTA иетиеоте TAAT ететизти. ЗАЛА» оз» песис eTTAIHT те meorerh erovaab avo маттоЛая пес. eawujpricovomneg заем QdOH HTHATAHOAH asnHocesoc. EAtjoTwWND AE

aner) 31.. o3x пез. f! 8 (14) (31) (71) f! an] 31.. om f! пети your] 3! fl.. mem our 14 19 14 31 (71) f! хе] ocese 7! пат. | єпат. ато пат бт stainless and spotless 14 рдел"

(71) £1

without receiving face] 3! fl..trs. Sem отзаетатхотщт eoo €wiovar movar KaTa meq. &c impartially each one according to his works Bo .. TOV am poowroAn( и)тт=» KpLVOVTO. ката. то €KQag TOU еруоу N &c, Vg Arm (works) .. him. before whom there is not acceptance of person and he judgeth each according &c Syr .. him who judgeth, while person he accepteth not, according to every work of each Eth .. him &c accepteth not and recompenseth to each according to his work Eth ro tetar. &c mem(nm f!) ye call him, Our Father] 3! #1, Bo (ape- теппа) .. TaTepa єлтїкаА. &с, Vg Syr Arm Eth єтє 23100u0je &c lit. then walk in a fear] (31?) f1..lit. in fear be led Syr.. ev фоВо- avactpapyte М &e, Vg Arm (pref. then) Eth (fearing .. accepting and fearing го) .. Bo, see below ях (охх in f!)me(om 31)отоєтщ &c the time (in) which ye are being here] 3! f!.. тои туб тароикиа$ vj.ov xpovov &с, of your pilgrimage the time Arm..of your time the pilgrimage Arm cd ..incolatus vestri. tempore Vg .. in this time of your sojourn Syr... Bo has тиснот Итетепаяетрезайхол Аи wog iiic Sen ovoo- the time of your sojourn walk in it in a fear ..in the days of your life walk in it Eth

18 птаусетт. lit. they did not redeem you in a gold or a silver which corrupt] (31) #1 (Bo)..ov фбарто (Arm cdd ..-ov N* Arm) аруур (оо W*) 9 xpvow eAuvTpwOnte N€ &с, Vg Arm (golden and silvern) .. not in that which corrupteth silver and gold (was) that in which ye were redeemed Eth .. not in silver which grew old and not in

1 PETER I 18-20 T

walk in fear at the time (in) which ye are being here: 18 knowing that ye were not redeemed with gold or silver , whieh is wont to corrupt out of your vain works whieh your fathers delivered to you; !? but (a) with the precious blood of the pure lamb and stainless, the Christ: ? having been foreknown indeed before the fowndation of the world, but having been manifested because of you in the end of the

gold ye were redeemed Syr н ог] 3! fl.. ness. Во (А) and Arm Eth єшәҗүт. which is wont &c] 31 f!.. пи eona. those which will Во.. фн eoa. that &c Bo (гхо*т) №“ єђоћ оп и. erujose:- (ovr 14)т &e lit. out of your works which are vain which your fathers delivered to you] 14 31 717 #1.. from that which is useless your work which was delivered to you by your fathers Eth (of the oppressors of your fathers ro ‘locus corruptus? Dillmann).. ex Tys paras vpov avactpopys татротарадотоо Ñ &c, (Vg)..from your vain ancestral walking Arm .. e&oN ga mevenxinasoujgr єтщоуоот (ujyosrr к) eras rii йтєп OHMOT ibxeneremose from your walking which is vain which delivered to you (єтєт FPS) your fathers Bo.. from your conduct (plural) vain which ye received from your fathers Syr

19 озу mecmnoe єттгї(єї 31 71 {их &c lit. in the blood which is precious (etovaah holy 14) of the lamb] 14 (71) in the blood precious of the lamb Syr .. (ro C зт) uuo apate ws ануоу Ñ &с, Vg Eth ro..in the precious blood of Christ as & Arm Eth.. evavcev өнпоу ehoX orren озсиоЧ ечталнотт appr novem lit. they redeemed you through a blood precious as of a lamb Bo erovaab &c lit. who is pure and stainless, the Christ] 14 &c (7 !) .. in whom blemish and pollution is not, who is Christ Syr .. auwpov xat астіМоу xv N &c, Vg Bo.. spotless and wnbiemished lamb Arm..as оў а lamb pure and clean Eth (add Christ ro)

2 easujpn. srest(seit 14) lit. they having foreknown him indeed] 14 (71) xpoeyvwopevov pev Ne &c, Vg Bo (om seem Fs) Arm (om pev) .. aveyv. R*.. he who was before separated for this Syr .. who was known before that (not yet ro) Eth eaen before] N &с, Vg Syr (Eth)..xcxem from Bo йткат. яя. the foundation of the world] 14 &c (7!?) Bo, N &е, Vg (constitutionem) Syr Arm (creation) .. before that is created the world Eth ne] 14 &c 7! .. om


ебоХ стфетиути oW ean iieovoeny. “mar ET- merere епмоттє єбол огтооте аяпечщире. пм йтлетотнос р ehoA ом метазостт. ATW acp maey потєоот. оосте тетїїпїстїс зам TETRQEANIC ncujone сооум emnovre. 2? езтетитё бо пиетиуухи opa: оз» псотяя TARE стяямтазалсом. CUN оупокрімє HOHTC. итетмаяяере иетмериу Axil охи oW OTOHT eqgovaah, 2 хє avaneTHTTH am еол ом orano ещачтако. adAa choA ом отаттаңо от пшахе

еВоХ |] om Bo (Fxs) тл (31) (f!) .ot1oovg 311.31 fr.. ori 14 2 14 (7!) жи] Wrocn 14 exiit] r4 .. essen 7! оъпок. | 71.. онпок. 14 з v4 (71) am not] om 14 by error єщаҷт.] equat. Bo Г &с..єөпгт. AFS .. eprte s. Bè.. еспат. K

Bo (ва) Eth ro .. and Syr Arm Eth ethet. because of you] 14 .. add tenor 3! 71 f1.. trs. rov xp. (quepov 31) ди vpas (т. xpovov *) &с, Vg Bo Syr Eth (ws) .. because of that Eth то git ean &c in the end of the times] 14 &с.. єт exyarov тоу x. &с, Bo (ensae) Syr Arm .. novissimis temporibus Vg Eth .. à nuas A al

21 sar &c these who believe God through his Son] 14 3! f!.. those (юн) through him Во .. rovs д: avrov murtevovras es Geov RCKLP &с, Syr Arm (by him) Eth (by him Eth ro) .. rovs д: avrov титтоу< A B, Vg ( fideles estis in) па! ittag. «е this (one) who raised him | Vg Syr Arm, тоу єуєра &*)vra avr. Ñ &c.. Do has eh} eb. grtory pu етачтотносч ей. God through him whom he raised &e aq mag й. (си. 14) lit. he gave to him a glory] 14 f!, Vg Syr Arm.. he gave glory to him Bo..8ofav avro ovra N &c..glory he gave to

him Eth оост(ъ r4)e so that your faith and your hope] 14, that &c Syr .. wore туи пюти vpwv кол Ата Ñ &oc .. ut fides vestra et spes Vg Arm .. and now also your faith and your hope Eth ne(14

..mec 3l)ugome (14 .. uyoon 3!) &c should become toward God] 14, Arm cdd .. ittovuswns Sem eX should be (plural) in God Bo Vg Arm .. ewar es Ocov N &c .. should be on God Буг .. is in God Eth

т PETER I 21-23 15

times, 21 these who believe God through his Son, this (one) who raised him out of those who are dead, and he gave to him glory, so that your faith and your hope should become toward God. ?? Having purified your souls in the obedience of the truth unto a brotherly love, in which is not hypocrisy, (see) that ye love one another without failing in a pure heart. 23 Because ye were not generated with a generating which is wont to corrupt, but (a) with an incorruptible (one) through

2 езтетитВВо &c having purified your souls] 14, Bo (тєтєн. А,) .. Tas уъҳаѕ vpwv qyvwores Ñ &с, Vg Агт .. since are become holy your souls Syr .. purify your souls Eth .. your soul ye having subdued Eth ro їттахє of the truth] 14 (7!) ЗАВС 13, Vg (tol) Bo Syr Arm edd Eth .. caritatis Vg .. add ба mvevparos КПР &с, m, of the spirit Arm evanta. «с unto а brotherly love, in which is not hypo- crisy ] 14 7 1 .. йрн: eos. (es. eov. FS.. eov. к) unto а brotherly love without hypocrisy Bo, Ж &c, Arm .. n fraternitatis amore simplici Vg..and are full of love which respecteth not persons Syr .. that ye may love your neighbours, being not hypocritical Eth птєтпазєрє &c (see) that ye love one another without failing in &c] 14 71.. Sen отонт eyorah азепрє метепернох Sem отязоти. ehodr in a pure heart love one another perseveringly Bo .. єк кабараз (om А B, Ve) кардгаѕ аААлу\оу< ayarynoate extevus N &c, Vg .. from pure heart loving firmly (om edd) one another Arm .. and from a heart pure and perfect ye shall be loving one another Syr .. in. fullness of your heart love that which is in truth among yourselves intensely Eth

23 жє lit. because they generated you not out of a generating which &c] 14..eavanetHytit an chod оп &c lit. they having not generated you out of &c 71..eavsxeconnoy Sem отжиисг{ an ечпатако ye having been not born from a sowing which &c Bo .. ava- yeyevvqpevot(yevog. 31) ovk ex сто(фдо МА С)раѕ POaprys &с, Vg Arm (corr. seed) .. as men who were regenerated not from seed which decayeth Syr .. Gs men who were generated perfectly not from seed which perisheth Eth .. ye were generated not from &c Eth ro eh. оп ovatt. &c lit. out of an uncorrupted] 14.. ити отатт. through an unc. 71,. Sem ovsretatrano from an incorruption Bo..apOaprov N &c, Vg Arm .. from that which decayeth not Syr Eth ( perisheth not) eri &c through the word] 14 (7!) Во (к) e&oN отот] ятса Bo .. да Xoyov N &c, Vg .. т the word Syr .. їп the commandment Eth


азппоутє ETOND ATW ETWOCOM. "oe CAPT miee ето Wee Hov5coproc. ATW eoor miee NTAT Hoe seme- орпре аяпехортос. aqwoove ибтпєҳортос. ATW пецорнре aycpoypy. ~ mwjaxe ae ито aermexsoeic woon Wa eneg. пах пе пщахе NTATTAWEoEyYy яяееосү инти.

IL еглтєтїїңө бе сора икаитх пее or кросу mee от отпокристе miee. eit Ad miee. sett RATAAAAIA see, Hee посищнре WHee соухпоох TENT WTerWaeepe пероте HAOTIROM erei крос понт.

н 14 xe] жеоти! Во toe] афри{ Во (в®ср.. ayap. Г &с..

эерзяф. K.. асяхф. A) 8 (6) 14 114 P ох] twice.. mese Ро * r4 (191)

.. Arm has by the living everlasting word of God язппоуте &c of God who liveth] 14, Bo.. птєфҷ отоо etond of God, both who liveth Во (rxoT)..£ovros 0cov М &c, Syr (word living of God) .. det vivi Vg .. om who liveth and Eth avw єтщооп and who abideth] 14, . Во, МА ВС 13, Vg (fu demid harl) Syr (h)..add es rov awwa KLP ёс, Vg (am tol) Syr .. who is for ever Eth .. who is always Eth ro

м ето noe lit. they are being as a grass] Bo (атзхфрнҷ ñor- cworken).. os xooros N* (woe) &c, Vg Eth..om ws NCA 13, Vg (am* harl) Syr Arm cdd .. as grass is Arm єооу &c all glory of them] necoos тир lit. all her glory Во, таса oga avrys NCA ВС, Vg (eius)... 8. avrov W*, Bo (x) Syr (beauty) Eth (honour) .. v. à. avOpwrov KLP &c, Arm manex. of the grass] of the field Syr ^ш. dried up] pref. which if Eth помех. the grass] his grass Eth ro avw and 29] om Во (вер 18) (Eth) печорнре his flower] CKLP &c, Vg Bo (тєҷернрх) Eth..om avrov МАВ 13, Vg (am fu) Syr aycpoypy shook off] e£ezrecev N &с, Vg .. shook (off) Axm..acoer eh. Axe тєҷорнрх fell off his flower Во.. fadeth the flower Syr .. shaketh off his flowers Eth

D ме 19] 14, N &c, Vg Bo Eth.. and Syr Arm ятоє lit. he] 3 14, Bo (ваебкрЗ 18)..ош N &c, Vg Bo (Arnot) Syr Arm Eth anx. of the Lord] 14, Bo..xvpiov &с, Vg Syr Arm... rov Geov Did

т PETER I 24—II 2 17

the word of God who liveth and who abideth. * Because all flesh is as grass, and all glory of them as the flower of the grass. Dried up the grass, and his flower shook off: 25 but the word indeed of the Lord abideth for ever. But this is the word which was preached to you.

IL Having therefore put down all malice and all subtlety and all hypocrisy and all envy and all slander, ? аз young children having just been born, (see) that ye love the reason

Theophyl, Eth .. of our God Syr eneg lit. age] 14 .. add of age Eth ro mas ae but this] 14, N &c, Vg (hoc est autem) Bo ..